康奈尔护理学院教授安·伯吉斯(Gary Wayne Gilbert摄)

Hollywood shines spotlight on career of Ann Burgess


康奈尔护理学院的Ann Burgess教授被护理界公认为法医和受害者学领域的先驱, designated a Living Legend by the American Academy of Nursing, 也是国际法医护士协会颁发的一个奖项的名字.

Now, 好莱坞的新纪录片《电子游戏正规平台》(Mastermind: To Think Like a Killer)聚焦了一位精神科护士,她用了近60年的职业生涯来电子游戏正规平台杀手,,从7月11日开始在Hulu和Hulu on Disney+上播放.

Portrait of Prof. Ann Burgess and Steven Constantine, Assoc. Director Marketing & Communications (both CSON), co-authors of "A Killer by Design: Murderers, Mindhunters, and My Quest to Decipher the Criminal Mind". 照片摄于奥尼尔图书馆外和马洛尼大厅的护理模拟实验室. Photographed for BC News and the 1/20/22 issue of Chronicle.

安·伯吉斯和CSON的史蒂文·康斯坦丁合作出版了《电子游戏正规平台》一书, Mindhunters, and My Quest to Decipher the Criminal Mind,' which was the inspiration for the docuseries. (Photo by Lee Pellegrini)

The three-part series, 由艾比·富勒执导,由篝火工作室和卢埃伦电影公司联合制作, 这本书探讨了伯吉斯作为联邦调查局行为科学部门的顾问,在发展现代连环杀手侧写过程中所扮演的关键角色,以及她如何与执法部门合作,识别并逮捕了这个国家最致命的罪犯. It also covers her trailblazing work in victimology, helping others to better understand the effects of trauma. Burgess is credited as a consulting producer for the series.

这两部纪录片于6月7日在翠贝卡电影节(Tribeca Festival)上全球首映. After a screening of the first episode, Burgess took part in a conversation along with Fuller, showrunner Dani Sloane, and executive producers Dakota Fanning, Elle Fanning, and Rebecca Evans. 纪录片制作团队的其他成员还包括执行制片人罗斯. Dinerstein, Rebecca Halpern, and Lesley Chilcott, and co-executive producers Ross Girard and Mark McCune.  

The docuseries is inspired by the 2021 book 《设计杀手:谋杀、心灵猎人和我解读犯罪心理的探索, 由伯吉斯和CSON营销与传播副总监史蒂文·康斯坦丁共同撰写, 独家访问伯吉斯的个人档案和对伯吉斯的采访.

根据富勒的说法,摄制组多次前往电子游戏软件进行侦察和拍摄. “It is a gorgeous campus to film on. It has been an incredible experience working with Dr. 伯吉斯,史蒂文(康斯坦丁),以及我们在BC遇到的每个人. 这真是一个温馨美丽的地方,在过去的一年里度过了很多时光.”

电影摄影师安娜·弗兰克萨·索拉诺在布莱顿校园的神学和事工图书馆找到了灵感. “It was aesthetically aligned with what we were looking for. We loved the big windows and the colors of the library. 它的建筑和装饰真的让人觉得是在20世纪70年代末或80年代. 这一点很重要,因为我们试图让人们回想起. Burgess was doing the work at the Behavioral Science Unit.”

康斯坦丁补充说,剧组还在演讲厅拍摄了伯吉斯, Gasson 100, the Connors Center on the Dover Campus, and along the Chestnut Hill Reservoir, among other campus locations. “It definitely has a BC feel to it,” he said of “Mastermind.”

关于连环杀手侧写的话题此前曾在书籍和电视上进行过探讨, notably in the Netflix series “Mindhunter” (2017-2019), 这是对联邦调查局行为科学部门早期的戏剧化描述. 由女演员安娜·托夫(Anna Torv)扮演的角色温迪·卡尔(Wendy Carr)大致是以伯吉斯为原型的.

But Fuller and Constantine note that this series is different.

“这是她的故事第一次被搬上银幕,”富勒说. “Dr. 伯吉斯在犯罪人格电子游戏正规平台中非常有影响力他一手组织了这项电子游戏正规平台. As an academic, she bought the skills of data collection, writing, publishing, research, and organization to the process. The agents weren't trained in research. 我认为她没有像团队中的其他一些成员那样得到那么多的赞扬.

“Dr. 伯吉斯的故事不仅仅是关于电子游戏正规平台连环杀手的思想. It’s about understanding victims and believing victims. That's the thread that I saw. 这部剧讲述了她的整个职业生涯,以及她影响和塑造执法部门、法院和不同系统的许多方式.”

在那个时候,女性没有权威的角色或权力的位置, this unassuming, 一个谦卑的女人为自己的信仰挺身而出,开辟了一条道路. Dr. 伯吉斯是一个不可思议的榜样,她的故事对年轻女性来说非常鼓舞人心.
ABBY FULLER, Director of 'Mastermind: To Think Like a Killer'

康斯坦丁说:“她是通过受害者的视角来开展工作的。. “其他人都把注意力集中在罪犯身上,而受害者在案件中相当偶然. 她是第一批将受害者学理念引入BSU并让他们将受害者视为案件的平等组成部分的人之一. The victim could not only help solve the case, 而是一个真正受到影响的人,代理人也需要考虑对该人生活的影响.

“She also expanded the definition of what a victim could be. She changed cultural perceptions about who a victim could be, and I think that is really important,” added Constantine. “她给整个过程带来了一种人性的元素,这是她之前所没有的. And then she continued that in her legal work as well.”

The third episode of the docuseries covers Burgess’s trial work, 比如莱尔和埃里克·梅内德斯的谋杀案审判,以及涉及受害者安德里亚·康斯坦德的比尔·科斯比刑事案件.

“她作品的潜在主题是,如果我们能提供同理心和同情心,并真正倾听受害者的心声, we can shift how we're able to help people heal from trauma, 我们如何能够帮助刑事司法系统更快地抓住和逮捕罪犯,” said Fuller. “It stems from that core drive in her of wanting to help victims. She has been a champion for listening to and believing victims, 从70年代初开始,当时没人这么想.

“在那个时候,女性没有权威角色或权力地位, this unassuming, 一个谦卑的女人为自己的信仰挺身而出,开辟了一条道路. 她是一个很好的例子,她从不质疑自己,知道什么是正确的事情,并勇往直前. 她以一种非常协作的方式,从内部改变了系统. Dr. 伯吉斯是一个不可思议的榜样,她的故事对年轻女性来说非常鼓舞人心.”

“Initially, 她不想讲自己的故事,因为她更专注于工作,” said Constantine. “She was a bit of a hidden figure. It's exciting to see her story get told more widely.”